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Privacy Pledge:

At Granite City Cell Phone Repair (“GCCPR”) we value your privacy and acknowledge that your data (photos, videos, browsing history, social media accounts, messages, voicemails, etc) is your private property.  We will never intentionally access your data before, during or after repair without your express consent.

In most cases we will ask for the device's passcode to test basic device functions such as:

  • Cameras

  • Speakers and microphones

  • Charging function

  • Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity


In doing so we can ensure the device is receiving all the repairs needed and is returned to you in excellent working condition.


Our replacement parts come with a lifetime warranty (see below for exclusions) against manufacturing and installation defects.  If upon return and inspection of the device the part is deemed to have a manufacturing or installation defect, GCCPR will repair or replace the part at no cost to the customer. 

Batteries and charge ports installed by GCCPR come with a 1-year warranty, effective the date of the repair.


Refurbished devices purchased from GCCPR come with a 30-day warranty (see below for exclusions) against malfunctions or installation defects related to any repairs that GCCPR performed on the device.  Devices sold by GCCPR are guaranteed to be free from any lien, blacklist, carrier lock or account security lock at the time of sale unless otherwise noted.


GCCPR reserves the right to VOID the warranty for any of the following reasons:

  • Device is sold or transferred in any way to another person

  • The device and/or part has defects resulting from physical damage, misuse/abuse, liquid or humidity exposure, operation outside of device's design intentions or limits, exposure to excessive heat or cold, exposure to excessive vibration, dirt or dust intrusion or any other conditions that could compromise proper function of electronic devices

  • The device has been repaired, opened or otherwise tampered with by someone other than GCCPR

  • Device has unauthorized or unapproved software installed (i.e. jailbroken, malware, viruses)

  • Replacement parts were supplied by the customer

  • Customer does not have a receipt of the original repair

Manufacturer's Warranty

Having your device repaired by GCCPR may void any manufacturer’s warranty or ability to utilize insurance providers.  GCCPR is not responsible for any warranty that is considered void after repair services have been rendered.

Some devices may come with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating from the manufacturer regarding water resistance.  This should not be considered a reliable guarantee against liquid intrusion after a device has been damaged and/or repaired.  GCCPR will not be legally or financially responsible for any loss resulting from liquid damage on a device we have repaired.


Payment and Device Pick-Up

GCCPR requires payment in full before the device may be returned to the customer.

Acceptable forms of payment include: cash, credit card, debit card, CashApp, Venmo, or Paypal.  GCCPR does not accept personal checks or credit card payments over the phone.  GCCPR reserves the right to charge an additional fee for credit card/debit card processing and payments made via Paypal.

GCCPR may require payment upfront for special order parts.

GCCPR will notify the customer when repairs are completed and the device is ready for pick-up using the contact information provided at check-in.  The device will be considered abandoned if it is not picked up within 90 days of this initial notification and become the sole property of GCCPR for disposal, resale or recycling.

Upon payment for any repair, parts that were removed or replaced during service become the property of GCCPR.

Repair Damage

GCCPR strives to perform the highest quality repair and minimize any cosmetic damage to the device that may occur as a part of the repair process.  However, GCCPR will not be legally or financially responsible for any loss resulting from cosmetic damage to the device during service.

GCCPR is not legally or financially responsible for any data loss during repair.  It is the sole responsibility of the customer to backup or otherwise secure any data on the device before the repair.

In the unlikely event a device is damaged beyond economical repair as a direct result of a service or repair undertaken by GCCPR, the customer will be entitled to a fully functional refurbished device of equal value to the device, based on its model and condition as received and with the original repair issue resolved, or cash equivalent.  Full payment must have been received for the repair service to qualify for a replacement device.  A replacement device will be provided in the most expeditious manner possible, and upon delivery the original device will become the property of GCCPR. 

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